21 May, 11:04 AM

The end of Russia. Notes from the east of Ukraine

Dmytro Tuzov

Political commentator, host on Radio NV

Russia, which is attacking Ukraine, is like a road roller that stinks of black smoke and destroys all signs of civilization.  Turns everything created by people into charred ruins.

A missile that the Russian army hit in a residential area of the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut destroyed a high-rise building, killing and wounding people.

Not even the military. That Russian missile, in particular, tore off a woman's leg and severely injured children aged 9, 12, and 17. These are severe head injuries.

Rescuers found the bodies of a woman and a 2-year-old child under the rubble of a house destroyed by the Russian army. Is this an outstanding military victory for the Russian army, its commander-in-chief, and the Russian weapons that Putin is trying to intimidate the world with?

And this is the usual picture: Russian artillery and rocket shell yet another peaceful Ukrainian city.

In this case - a town in the far east of the country. Russians are trying to cut off this region from the Ukrainian body, striking it with volleys of their artillery and cruise missiles.

They want to cut it off and turn either into a "black hole" like "LDNR", or "join" Russia, as said by Russia's foreign intelligence chief Naryshkin during a meeting of the Russian Federation.

Bakhmut is a cozy and clean city in the Donetsk Oblast, where all life support services work – water supply, electricity, sewerage, mobile communication, and internet.

Garbage is taken out even during shelling. Even the roads are already similar to European ones - with good pavement and markings. You know, we have not noticed how we got out of the abyss of the Soviet past.

But now Russia is coming to this city and to our whole country. To push us into that pit again.

Russia attacking Ukraine, is like a road roller that stinks of black smoke and destroys all signs of civilization.

Turns everything created by people into charred ruins. "Grinds" houses, highways, power plants, theaters, schools, and airports on a pile of broken bricks, glass, and metal.

Defenders of Ukraine are one by one destroying these road rollers launched by Putin, but the Russians are pulling all-new weapons of destruction and death to the battlefield.

The Russian occupiers have already effectively destroyed the town of Popasna, neighboring Bakhmut.

They did the same to him as with the settlements of the Sumy region, with the districts in Kharkiv, with the houses of Chernihiv. With Mariupol.

In a city by the sea, Russian aircraft bombed and destroyed a maternity hospital and a drama theater. In the basements of which people hid from Russian bombs. And many children. According to a similar scenario, Putinists also demolished everything. The local hospital was also shelled. I visited this hospital.

Even when "gifts" from Russian troops from the LNR terrorist group arrived in its yard, the hospital worked.

At the entrance to Popasna, the Russian occupiers shot several vehicles with humanitarian aid. They captured a local driver who was trying to take people out of the shelling on his bus.

You and I have seen murdered citizens of Ukraine in Bucha, Irpin, and Hostomel. The civilian sector and critical infrastructure were destroyed by the fire of the Russian army.

We have seen a lot these days of the full-scale invasion. And we have not been looking for an explanation for the brutality of the bearers of the "Russian world" for a long time. We just understand that this is his nature. Inner essence. It is really very difficult to find an explanation for these atrocities, people of the XXI century.

But the important question remains: what should we do to Putin and his entourage of ministers, media killers, and State Duma senators?  What needs to be done with the Russian people?

With the totality of millions of people who actively or passively supported this massacre. Those who are in the Russian countryside, leave posts under the video on Youtube, in which the occupiers show off the destroyed Mariupol, in the style: "Dear boys, God bless you, kill more Nazis."

They gladly accepted the FSB's proposed development and did not try to realize that the Nazis were those who came to another country to kill, destroy, and plunder.

By the way, about Russian God. What to do with the people, whose spiritual leader is a character in a golden robe, all hung with embroidered and golden crosses inlaid with precious stones? And who, in fact, blessed the mass killings of civilians?

He blessed the shooting of cars with refugees. He covered with his incense the mass graves in which the Ukrainian citizens, killed by the Russians, are buried.

He supported and encouraged the bombing of peaceful cities. What to do with this God? And it's not just about Patriarch Kirill-Gundyaev. It's about the system of values ​​they call "Russian Orthodoxy."

 Will this Russian community of people pass their way of repentance and what will it be like? Will the Russians ever wash the blood from their hands? Will they have a catharsis, after which the zombies will disappear - they will fall like a Su-24 bomber shot down over Kharkiv or Popasna? Will there be an "enlightenment" like the one that came to the Germans after Hitler's death and the demonstration of the horrors of his regime's war?

Will the Russians recognize not only Putin but also the entire top Russian politicians and propagandists from the media as war criminals?

I'm not sure it will happen. They may never admit to being murderers. But the law of causation will still work. And that means the end of Russia as a murderous country, in which form it exists today.

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