31 August 2022, 09:25 PM


The war of Putin's Russia against Europe

Dmytro Tuzov

Political commentator, host on Radio NV

Ukraine was not the most important stage in Putin's plans. The landing in Hostomel and the parade on Khreschatyk were supposed to be just an episode of the epic picture about "Russia rising from its knees."

Russia did not rise from its knees. Even more, she plunged even deeper into the mire of her "entropy".

Simpler - their own shit, which the Russians are trying to dispose of in the occupied territories. And all this happened because of the resistance of the Ukrainians, unexpected for the Russians. Putin's blitzkrieg plan failed.

The plan, in which the rapid seizure of strategically important resources - Ukrainian grain and the food base of Ukraine, which can be used to regulate the balance of hunger, i.e., life and death in entire regions of the planet - was prescribed. And Putin's army must be fed and prepared for the next campaign.

The Russian "emperor" was going to take over the entire Ukrainian energy industry, not just the ZNPP.

A nuclear plant captured by the military and armored vehicles in the engine room is the plot for a disaster movie. Now imagine that in the hands of these scumbags there are four operating nuclear plants and the decommissioned Chornobyl.

Do we need to remind about the Ukrainian quarries with uranium ore, which could become a source of modernization and increase the number of nuclear warheads of the Russian army? I think it is necessary. After aiming his missiles at London, Paris, and Brussels, Putin has already demanded that NATO return to the borders of 1997.

And this means the capitulation of 14 countries of the North Atlantic Alliance to Russia. With further "demilitarization", "denazification" and the change to puppet, pro-Moscow governments. That is the restoration of the Warsaw Pact.

Would you say that this is impossible in today's world? So many impossible things happen in it. We also did not believe that Kharkiv, a modern, fully European city of a million people, would be bombarded with cluster bombs or cruise missiles. Or they will demolish the whole of Mariupol.

Dear Europeans, please give yourself an honest answer - were you ready to confront the Russian divisions and armies that existed at the time of the invasion of Ukraine by the forces of NATO countries? And if God forbid, Ukraine could not withstand the blow and Putin would seize its resources?

And he mobilized part of the Ukrainians under the banner of the "great march to the west", because, in the captured territories, Putinists do exactly that - they carry out forced recruitment of fighters, who are sent under the muzzles of machine guns in the front lines to the enemy's positions.

In this way, they achieve their goal: the killing of citizens of Ukraine who have found themselves in the occupied territories and the concentration of manpower, which they do not mind driving to death and minefields.

Recently, one of the most peace-loving politicians of the modern Western world, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, admitted that if Russia wins this war, “Putin will receive confirmation that violence works. And then neighboring countries can become next."

Agree, the Secretary General of NATO has more information, more military conclusions, more satellite photos and intelligence data, including from Putin's bunker, than any of us. He knows what he's talking about. It's worth listening to.

So, the next time, our dear partners, when Russian propaganda throws into your head the question of why we should help Ukraine, just answer yourself: are you ready for your student son to spend a summer session on the battlefield somewhere near Krakow, Prague, or Vilnius.

With Javelin in hand. And isn't it time for your granddaughter, instead of studying the world economy or interior design, to change her specialization to tactical medicine on the battlefield?

To apply this knowledge under the cracks of the Russian "Hrads". I hope you will draw the right conclusions. And one more thing: Ukraine, which is fighting the newest modern dictatorship, gives you time not only to live but also to prepare and win this war.

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