22 November 2022, 10:22 PM

Ukraine denies interfering with supply of Russian gas to Moldova

Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSO) denied claims made by Russia’s Gazprom about alleged withdrawals of Russian natural gas meant for Moldova, GTSO said in a press release on Nov. 22.

"The full volume of natural gas that was accepted from the Russian Federation at the entry point Sudzha for further transportation to Moldovan consumers, was transferred to the exit points Oleksiivka and Grebenyky from Ukraine to Moldova, in full amounts," the message reads.

The message also notes that since September, Moldova and Ukraine conduct “backhaul” gas transactions, meaning that when Ukraine buys natural gas from Moldova, GTSO simply reduces the shipments of gas from Ukraine to Moldova by a corresponding amount.

"By threatening to reduce the volumes of gas transportation to Moldova, Gazprom is trying to deprive this country of the opportunity to use the Ukrainian GTS and its underground gas storage facilities (UGS) and block the backhaul mechanism," the message added.

"This is not the first time Russia has resorted to using gas as an instrument of political pressure. It manipulates facts to justify its decision to further limit the volume of gas supplies to European countries.”

Earlier, Gazprom accused Ukraine of stealing gas and threatened to reduce gas exports to Europe. Ukraine’s GTS remains the only operational natural gas supply route from Russia to Europe.

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