1 August, 01:12 PM

Russian recon units neutralized near Luhansk

Ukrainian troops have neutralized two Russian sabotage-and-reconnaissance units in Luhansk Oblast, head of the regional administration Serhiy Hayday said in a Telegram post on Aug. 1.

Russian forces shelled Ukrainian positions in the area at least seven times in the last 24 hours, according to Hayday.

“(Russians) attempted three tank assaults,” said Hayday.

“Thrice they called in close air support (CAS), and still were forced to withdraw.”

The official noted that Moscow has been failing to capture the last unoccupied sliver of Luhansk Oblast for nearly a month now.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine are so masterful in their defense – the enemy gained essentially no ground,” Hayday added.

“The invaders were certain of a quick and easy victory…, but it’s now Aug. 1 and they still nothing to show for themselves. Their numbers and tactical approach remain the same as they did during (previous) battles in Luhansk Oblast.”

Moscow seeks to boost its flagging infantry regiments by conscripting Ukrainians in occupied cities, according to Hayday. He pointed out people in occupied Alchevsk getting served with mobilization notices at malls and buses.

“Most of them realize they will not come back alive, but they have no choice and no means to sustain themselves,” Hayday concluded.

Ukrainian forces withdrew from Severodonetsk and Lysychansk – the last two major cities on Luhansk Oblast to fall into Russian hands – by July 3. Around 20,000 residents remain across the two cities.

Moscow is still falling short of establishing full control over Luhansk Oblast.

After four months of fighting, Russia managed to advance only 30 kilometers in the region.

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