4 August, 06:16 PM

Ukraine’s military intel leaks Russian soldiers discussing absurdity of orders on frontline

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine published on YouTube on Aug. 4 an intercepted telephone conversation in which two Russian soldiers discuss the situation at the front, with one of them complaining about the senselessness of their orders.

One Russian serviceman breaks the news that those who are defending will not be given more medals, and will even have those that have already been issued taken away.

His interlocutor complains about the absurdity of the orders being given to the front line by senior Russian commanders:

"They sit there, send 20-200 people to their deaths and that's it,” he says.

“Thirty people came in, 100 people came in. From the east. They f**king knocked off every single one. We went there previously. We had six 200s (killed), and six 300s (injured). One had bones crushed, and so did another one. So many had one leg hanging loose."

His interlocutor says in response:

"Yes, they came up with total bulls**t: special operation, special operation... Bulls**t,” he says.

“You can barely understand who is defending (what) from whom."

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