25 August, 05:26 PM

Ukraine delivers another strike at key Kherson bridge

Four explosions rang out in occupied Kherson as Ukraine’s Armed Forces delivered another artillery strike at the nearby Antonivka Road Bridge across the Dnipro River, the Ukrainian military’s Operational Command South spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk told Ukrainian news outlet Hromadske on Aug. 25.

“The AFU took steps to prevent invading Russian forces from transporting heavy military vehicles and ammunition via the bridge,” said Humeniuk.

Preliminary reports suggest the bridge is inoperable, and its repairs will have to be delayed, as repair crews were evacuated following the strike.

The bridge remains within the reach of Ukraine’s firepower projection, according to Humeniuk.

Earlier she said that Ukrainian forces are constantly disrupting major Russian supply routes in Kherson Oblast, preventing the Kremlin from resupplying and reinforcing its forces in the region.

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