29 April, 03:51 PM

Ukraine to punish all Russian war criminals, Zelensky vows

Ukraine will find and punish all of the Russian soldiers who committed acts of genocide in Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his latest video address to the nation.

He said 10 invading Russian soldiers have already been identified as suspects in war crimes.

“The investigation into the crimes committed by the Russian military against our people is underway,” Zelensky said.

“Ukraine's position is absolutely clear - every Russian criminal must be, and will be, brought to justice. Whoever they are and wherever they hide, we will find them all and make them bear responsibility.”

According to him, the first 10 Russian soldiers from the 64th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade of the Russian Ground Forces who committed crimes against Ukrainian civilians in Bucha, Kyiv Oblast have been officially named as suspects. Their identities and the crimes of which they are suspected have been established.

“And we will find all the other Russian thugs who killed and tortured Ukrainians, who tormented our people, who destroyed houses and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine,” the president said.

“None of these bastards will escape responsibility. However, some of them may not survive until trial and a just punishment. But for one reason only. This Russian brigade was relocated to Kharkiv Oblast. There, they will receive punishment from our military.”

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