19 June 2022, 05:43 PM

Ukrainian journalist accuses Russia of shelling Donetsk

In an interview with NV Radio, Ukrainian journalist and editor-in-chief of the independent Donbas news outlet OstroV, Serhiy Garmash, blamed Russia for recent shelling attacks against the occupied city of Donetsk.

“What Russia is doing with Donetsk?” he asked rhetorically.

“It’s shelling the city that is essentially under its control, in order to induce a humanitarian crisis, for which it will blame the West for supplying modern weapons to Ukraine. (Russia will claim) these weapons are used to kill civilians. To prove this point, Russia is actually killing civilians.”

Garmash went on to explain why it’s not in Ukraine’s interests to attack civilian targets in the occupied city.

“We can’t, even if we wanted to, afford to indiscriminately shell Donetsk, ... since we are very short on ammunition,” the journalist said.

“First of all, we have problems with munitions, unfortunately. Second: it makes little sense to level a city we will eventually reclaim and would have to rebuild. Not to mention, many of us have homes there, friends, and family members.”

According to Garmash, Russian is using scorched earth tactics in this war, while Ukraine is only targeting military infrastructure.

“Of course, we fire – in response,” said Garmash.

“And we’ve been shooting for eight years, if we’re being frank. But we’re not shoot at just something, we either target concentrations of military equipment, or fuel and ammo depots – military targets. We’re shooting very sparingly, as we don’t have (enough) shells. It’s true that we’re being more successful now than we’ve been during the last eight years.”

Modern Western weapons are starting to give Ukraine an advantage on the battlefield. That’s why, according to Garmash, Russian propaganda has started a media campaign about Donetsk being shelled.

“If we look at Russia media – including the ones in occupied Ukrainian territories – it becomes clear why they are shelling Donetsk,” Garmash said.

“Their focus is now on Donetsk being attacked specifically with Western weapons. Obviously, it’s being done to accuse the West of causing civilian deaths and shift public opinion towards opposing further security assistance to Ukraine.”

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