4 July, 04:44 PM

Reports in press about troop positions in Kherson could harm military operations, Ukrainian military says

Media reports that Ukrainian army units are located a kilometer away from the suburbs of Kherson are untrue and could harm the military operation to liberate the oblast, the Ukrainian military’s Operational Command South said on July 4.

During a briefing, the head of the press center of the security and defense forces of the operational command of the South, Nataliya Gumenyuk, said that only the military can comment on the advance of the Ukrainian troops.

“Any analysts, deputies, other political or just active figures at the moment only do harm with such statements…” Gumenyuk said.

“Firstly, it does not correspond to reality, and secondly, it disorients our people, the local population. It harms not only the military operation, but the image of those who say such things.”

Earlier, the UK weekly newspaper The Economist reported, citing a Ukrainian military intelligence officer, that the forward units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were within sniper range (about a kilometer) of the outer suburbs of Kherson.

During the previous week, the General Staff announced the liberation of two villages in Kherson Oblast – Potiomkyne and Ivanivka. Operational Command South stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are slowly pushing the Russian invaders back.

The troops of the Russian Federation are being forced back to reserve lines, the Ukrainian military said.

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