22 August, 03:26 PM

Ukrainian military shares details of counter-offensive in south of Ukraine

Ukraine’s military is "systematically and methodically" carrying out a counter-offensive in the south, the head of the joint coordination press-center of the Southern Defense Forces, Nataliya Gumenyuk, said on national TV on Aug. 22.

“If everyone expected that they would see how troops rise up and march through the steppes of Kherson Oblast, too bad,” said Gumenyuk. “Because in the conditions of modern warfare, the counter-offensive looks different. Basically, it’s the depletion of the enemy’s forces.”

According to her, Ukrainian tactics include the destruction of ammunition depots, command posts, and attacks on strongholds where enemy weapons and equipment are concentrated.

“This significantly affects the morale of the invaders,” Gumenyuk added.

Meanwhile, Western officials say the war in Ukraine is in an operational stalemate, with neither side able to develop sufficient ground combat capabilities to influence the course of events.

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