28 June, 04:46 PM

Ukrainian military wipe out Russian saboteur group near Zaporizhzhya

The Ukrainian military has eliminated a sabotage and reconnaissance group of Russian invaders – largely made up of convicted criminals – behind Ukrainian lines near Zaporizhzhya, the press service of the regional military administration reported on June 28.

Referencing intelligence data, the report notes that the enemy saboteur group consisted mainly of convicts released by the invaders from prisons and drafted into the army in order to compensate for the losses of soldiers it has incurred in Ukraine.

“They are sending everyone they can to fight, without thinking ...” noted the head of the regional military administration.

“During the clash, six invaders were eliminated, and one was taken prisoner. He turned out to be a former convict for serious crimes, who was serving his sentence in a correctional institution in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk Oblast.

“So much for the ‘second army of the world.’ It’s nothing but an army of murderers, criminals and marauders.”

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