2 November 2022, 05:33 PM

Ukrainian volunteer Prytula announces new fundraiser to buy 50 British Spartan APCs

Ukrainian TV presenter, journalist and volunteer Serhiy Prytula on Nov. 2 announced a new fundraising campaign for the purchase of 50 armored vehicles for the Ukrainian military.

In a video posted on social networks, Prytula said that the Ukrainian military needs tracked vehicles for autumn and winter weather conditions.

He also showed the UK-made Spartan armored personnel carriers (APCs) that Ukrainians could purchase for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“You wanted a big fundraising campaign, I’m asking you to buy a lot of armored vehicles for our native army, for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, let’s get them in the dozens, batches, let’s turn it all into a big, armored fist,” Prytula said.

The volunteer said the fundraising campaign aimed at attracting UAH 200 million ($5.4 million) to buy an entire batch of military equipment would last from Nov. 2 to Nov. 8.

He noted the APCs would be delivered to Ukraine very quickly and would help Ukraine to gradually regain control of its territories.

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