13 June 2022, 03:52 PM

UN commission to report on Russia war crimes in Ukraine in September

The UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine is expected to publish its findings on potential Russian war crimes in September, the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, announced via Telegram messenger on June 13.

“We all hope (the report) to come out in one installment, without the need for future updates,” the message said.

“We’re striving towards the victory that is sure to come; but the world has to see documented evidence of these (Russian) atrocities.”

Since arriving in Ukraine on June 11, the commission’s officials have already visited parts of Kharkiv that were destroyed by Russian attacks.

Concurrently, officials from the International Criminal Court (ICC) are working in the country.

On April 14, ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan visited Bucha, near Kyiv, where Russian troops tortured and executed civilians en masse. As of May 26, at least 1,303 bodies of civilians, killed by the Russians, were found in the region; most of them had been shot.

On April 2, Khan announced the start of the ICC’s investigation of potential Russian war crimes in Ukraine, following requests from 39 countries.

On May 23, a Kyiv court sentenced Russian soldier Vadim Shyshmarin to life imprisonment for murdering a civilian in Sumy region. This was the first case of a Russian military servicemember being convicted for war crimes committed in Ukraine.

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