13 July, 11:21 AM

US confident of Ukraine’s accountability for Western weapons — State Department

The United States fully trusts the Ukrainian government will not allow Western weapons Ukraine receives to fall into the wrong hands, U.S. Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Bonnie Jenkins said during a briefing on July 12, State Department press service reports.

Asked whether the US is going to send "inspectors" to Ukraine to monitor how military aid supplies are used, Jenkins replied that Washington actively cooperates with Ukraine to ensure control over the transferred aid. She stressed that before any arms transfer, the US assesses various risks, including the risk of loss on the battlefield and "illicit diversion of weapons." 

"...We are confident in the Ukrainian government’s commitment to appropriately safeguard and account for U.S.-origin defense equipment," the official added. 

Russia is going to great lengths to disrupt the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine, which are effectively used by Ukrainian defenders, and spreads fakes about the alleged "sale" of weapons by the Ukrainian military or its "destruction" by the invading forces. 

The White House announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth $400 million on July 8, which will include 1,000 modern artillery rounds and four more HIMARS MLRS.

Фото: NV
Фото: NV

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