1 July, 04:41 PM

For the first time in history, US gas supplies to Europe exceed Russia

For the first time in history, liquified natural gas supplies to Europe from the United States, in June of this year, have exceeded pipeline gas supplies from Russia, the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Fatih Birol tweeted on June 30.

"Russia's recent steep cuts in natural gas flows to the EU mean this is the 1st month in history in which the EU has imported more gas via LNG from the US than via pipeline from Russia," he tweeted.

According to Birol, the drop in Russian supply calls for efforts to reduce EU demand in preparation for a tough winter.

The Financial Times business news agency earlier reported that the IEA warned that Europe must prepare immediately for the complete severance of Russian gas exports this winter, urging governments to take measures to cut demand and keep aging nuclear power stations open.

In particular, Birol said that Russia's decision to reduce gas supplies to European countries in the past week may be a precursor to further cuts as Moscow looks to gain "leverage" during its war with Ukraine.

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