29 June 2022, 03:01 PM

Wives of soldiers from Buryatia demand return of husbands from war in Ukraine

The wives of invading Russian troops in the Russian Republic of Buryatia have recorded an appeal to the head of the republic Alexei Tsidenov, asking that their spouses be brought home from the war in Ukraine.

The soldiers were sent for “training” in January and are now in Ukraine, one of the participants of the protest action, Vera Partilkhayeva, told Radio Svoboda.

"(They are) exhausted morally, physically. All have contusions of mild and moderate severity," the wives of the Russian troops said.

According to them, the Russian military has been in the field for four months, with troops now suffering from illness.

"Television does not divulge this iniquity!” Partilkhayeva wrote in posts on her social networks, addressing the head of Buryatia.

“Everyone is afraid, they have been ordered to remain silent! May the death of every soldier in this unjust war be on your conscience! We demand the return of our sons and husbands to their homeland.”

According to her, wives of soldiers from the 5th Tatsin Tank Brigade supported the appeal.

At least 30 servicemen from the brigade have reportedly been killed in Ukraine. In total, the Siberia. Realities project reports that by mid-June, data on 184 deaths of Russian soldiers from Buryatia had been confirmed.

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