29 June 2022, 06:05 PM

Zelensky speaks about ratio of losses in war with Russia

The ratio of losses in the war between Ukraine and Russia is one to five in Ukraine's favor, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with the U.S. television channel NBC on June 29.

At the same time, Zelensky said that Russia still has more power to attack Ukraine.

According to the president, when Ukraine loses one person, Russia loses five, and when Ukraine loses one tank, the Russians lose five.

However, he stressed that Ukraine was still in a really difficult situation, as the number of enemy tanks and manpower of Russia is ten times higher than that of Ukraine.

Zelensky said that the Ukrainian defenders were pushing back the Russian invaders in some areas, but were forced to retreat due to the numerical superiority of the enemy.

He added that it was not just a war between Russia and Ukraine, but a war between the entire civilized world with Russia – with its military and political leadership, and with its army.

Zelensky also praised the support and military assistance coming from Western countries.

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