1 in 4 Ukrainian evacuees in Polish employment database have found work

9 May, 06:26 PM
Many people were forced to leave their homes (Photo:REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov)

Many people were forced to leave their homes (Photo:REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov)

Among the 400,000 Ukrainian citizens of employable age who are registered with PESEL, a Polish employment base, 100,000 have been able to find a legal job in Poland said Pawel Szefernaker, the country’s deputy interior minister overseeing the Ukrainian refugee program, during an interview with Polish radio.

Szefernaker believes that Poland needs a systemic solution for Ukrainian war refugees, who he thinks need to go through cultural adaptation and become self-reliant in the Polish economy.

“For instance, legally employed are more than 100,000 people who came [from Ukraine], while the PESEL base has 400,000 individuals of employable age registered there,” said Szefernaker.

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“That means 1 in 4 Ukrainians of employable age has started some kind of job. That’s a globally influential thing because we’re talk about refugees. That never happened before.”

It's important that Ukrainian refugees can to find housing that they can afford, added Szefernaker. Meanwhile, Poland has its own government-run housing program for Ukrainians.

Several public companies and local municipalities in Poland hold property in reserve that could become a home to tens of thousands of Ukrainians if they arrive.

According to the UN estimates, more than 5.8 million Ukrainians have fled the country, mostly to Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Slovakia.

U.S. President Joe Biden agreed to accept as many as 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, though they need to have a sponsoring family in America who would guarantee covering their living expenses.

The U.S. Department of State has continued to run a Green Card lottery for those who do not qualify for refugee program.

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