Air conditioner usage in summer season could strain Ukraine’s energy grid

26 May, 01:11 PM
In Ukraine, there is a shortage of electricity (Photo:unsplash\Nikola Johnny Mirkovic)

In Ukraine, there is a shortage of electricity (Photo:unsplash\Nikola Johnny Mirkovic)

As warm summer weather approaches, Ukraine’s state electricity transmission systemoperator, Ukrenergo, is warning that increased air conditioner usage could put a strain on Ukraine’s fragile power system, Ukrinform quoted Ukrenergo board chair, Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, as saying on national television on May 25.

“There is currently a certain resource deficit in the power system, but this does not mean power cuts to consumers,” he said.

“Ukrenergo now has a toolkit to prevent such extreme measures as turning off industrial or household consumers. We have temporarily limited exports to Europe to guarantee Ukrainian consumers a sufficient amount of electricity.”

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Ukrenergo will also be able to cover the additional load from air conditioners that Ukrainians turn on during hot weather, said Kudrytskyi.

Earlier, Ukrenergo urged Ukrainians to use electricity wisely after 7 p.m.

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