Antonov State Enterprise shares plans to restore world’s largest cargo aircraft after its destruction by Russian forces

18 April, 03:55 PM
An-225 Mriya aircraft (Photo:NV)

An-225 Mriya aircraft (Photo:NV)

Ukraine’s Antonov State Enterprise has shared plans to restore the An-225 Mriya aircraft, formerly the world’s largest cargo aircraft, prior to its destruction by Russian invaders in the Kyiv suburb of Hostomel, an announcement published on April 18 reads.

Mriya’s desctruction by Russian invaders at the Antonov airport in Hostomel was first reported on Feb. 27.

The concern calls the restoration of Mriya, the Ukrainian word for dream, as a top priority task.

The statement notes that Antonov still has some of the basic parts needed for the airframe, but adds that a new Mriya would be fully modernized, complying with modern and future flight worthiness standards.

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The company also added that the Mriya restoration project would be carried out with broad international cooperation, including the participation of leading companies and enterprises of the global aviation industry.

The amount of funding, and the possible use of components salvaged from the destroyed aircraft, will be determined by a special commission, which will be created under the management of state-owned defense concern Ukroboronprom - the parent company for Antonov.

The Ukrainian government still needs to determine how the project would be financed, though some have already been allocated.

Those funds that have already been received will be used exclusively for the implementation of the project to restore Mriya, and additionally, with transparent reporting for each UAH or dollar spent. As for the deadlines, it is too early to talk about them now, since the program needs to be first be researched,” a spokesperson for Ukroboronprom said.

A pilot for Antonov had accused the company's management for the loss of Mriya, claiming that a proposal, submitted on Jan. 26, to transfer Mriya to the German city of Leipzig had been ignored.

On March 29, Ukroboronprom, after conducting an internal audit, removed Serhiy Bychkov from his post as General Director of the State Enterprise Antonov.

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