Australia to provide 70,000 tons of coal to Ukraine

21 March, 01:43 PM
Australia will support Ukraine's energy security (Photo:OnzeCreativitijd / Pixabay)

Australia will support Ukraine's energy security (Photo:OnzeCreativitijd / Pixabay)

In response to a request from Ukraine’s government, seeking to boost the country’s energy sector, Australia will provide Ukraine with at least 70,000 tons of coal, Ukraine’s Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko said in a Facebook post on March 20.

“Australia is known internationally as a leading and reliable energy supplier,” Halushchenko said.

“We thank our Australian partners for supporting Ukraine in these trying times, as our country defends itself against an illegal and brutal Russian military invasion.”

The Australian government worked with the domestic coal sector to build up the necessary stocks of coal.

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Arrangements to ship the fuel to Ukraine as soon as possible are being hammered out with Australian company Whitehaven Coal.

The costs of both the cargo and shipping will be covered by the Australian government.

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