Kyiv City Council approves 2023 municipal budget

9 December 2022, 01:29 AM

The "survival" budget of the capital will allow to close only critical expenditure items (Photo:Big 7 Travel)

Kyiv municipal budget for 2023 is projected to take in UAH 66.3 billion ($1.8 billion) in revenue – a decline of UAH 2.4 billion compared to 2022 – and spend UAH 65.6 billion in expenses – UAH 6.5 billion ($176 million) less than in 2022, Kyiv City Council said in a message on its website on Dec. 8.

According to the statement, almost half of the revenue is to come from personal income tax — UAH 30.6 billion ($829 million). Another UAH 4.2 billion is expected from corporate income tax, UAH 18 billion from local taxes, UAH 2.6 billion from domestic taxes on goods and services, and UAH 2.3 billion from non-tax revenues.

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Most of the expenses will be directed to education – UAH 23 billion ($623 million), or 35% of total expenditures. UAH 12.4 billion (19%) will be spent on transport and road maintenance. For social security – UAH 6.5 billion (10%), healthcare – UAH 6.1 billion (9%), housing and utilities – UAH 5 billion (8%), culture and arts – UAH 1.4 billion (2%), sports – UAH 1.2 billion (2%).

City Mayor Vitali Klitschko called it a “survival budget” that will help provide for critically important items of expenditure during wartime.

“The capital, like the whole of Ukraine, continues living and working under martial law,” Klitschko explained.

“The city's economy was in turmoil, as it was difficult for businesses to earn and for people to survive. And all of these, the taxes, are funds (we will use) to sustain the capital.”

On Dec. 7, Klitschko said that he doesn’t rule out an "apocalyptic" scenario for the winter, under which there will be no electricity, water, or heating in the capital – due to repeated Russian attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure.

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