Limits on cash withdrawals in Ukrainian banks and ATMs

24 February 2022, 05:55 AM

In Ukraine, depending on the bank and the withdrawal method, different Ukrainian banks have different cash withdrawal limits.

These limits depend on the bank’s tariffs, their partnership agreements, and policies of the National Bank of Ukraine.

As a rule, daily cash withdrawal limits are much larger if they’re done through one of the branches, as opposed to ATMs. In some cases, there may be no limit at all.

Some ATMs that are low on cash could have additional temporary limits.

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Some banks allow their clients to check and adjust daily cash withdrawal limits themselves via their apps or websites.


Daily cash withdrawal limits in PrivatBank ATMs.

·       From a PrivatBank card – UAH 20,000 over three hours.

·       From a card of another Ukrainian bank – UAH 1,000 per operation, no more than UAH 10,000 over three hours, no more than UAH 15,000 per day.

·       From all other cards – UAH 15,000 per operation, no more than UAH 150,000 per day.

PrivatBank cash withdrawal and payment limits:

Standard limit – the UAH equivalent of $2,200 per day, around UAH 60,000.

Upper limit of cash withdrawals from PrivatBank cards in PrivatBank ATMs – UAH 20,000 per three hours.

Any funds remaining on the card can be withdrawn in any branch of PrivatBank.

Fees for cash withdrawals from cards of foreign banks, in PrivatBank ATMs:

PrivatBank’s convertible fee: around 2%, depending on the amount and currency exchange rates.

Non-convertible fees:

·       UAH 1 — 4,000: 4%, UAH 10 minimum.

·       UAH 4,000+: 3%.

Withdrawals from Payoneer cards do not incur fees.

Withdrawals from cards issued by Ukrainian banks do not incur fees.

Withdrawals of credit funds from PrivatBank cards abroad do not incur fees.

Withdrawals of own funds from PrivatBank’s Universal or Debit cards abroad: 2%.


Oschadbank’s fees and tariffs differ, depending on card type.

For example, Oschadbank’s debit cards can be used to withdraw cash from Oschadbank ATMs and ATMs of other Ukrainian banks, up to UAH 10,000. Above that limit, a fee of 1% + UAH 5 is charged.


Cash withdrawal limits (from a single card):

ATMs: UAH 10,000, UAH 50,000 and UAH 25,000 for VISA Classic, VISA Business and VISA Gold cards, respectively.

UkrSibbank branches: UAH 200,000.

Cash withdrawal limits (from a card account):

ATMs: UAH 60,000.

UkrSibbank branches: UAH 200,000.

Cash withdrawal limits for cards issued by other banks, in UkrSibbank ATMs:

·       Ukrainian banks: UAH 2,000 (except MasterCard Debit).

·       Foreign banks: UAH 7,000 (except MasterCard Debit).


All cards have two kinds of daily limits associated with them: on the number of operations, and on withdrawal amount.

Daily cash withdrawal limit is set at UAH 50,000, or 25 operations.

Limits for cards issued for sole proprietors:

·       Cash withdrawals: UAH 300,000 per day.

·       Purchases: UAH 500,000 per day.

·       Total combined limit: UAH 500,000 per day.

Raiffeisen Bank

Cash withdrawals in Raiffeisen Bank ATMs incur the following fees:

·       Start tariff plan: no fees below UAH 5,000; 0.75% above that.

·       Classic tariff plan: no fees below UAH 20,000; 0.85% above that.

·       Comfort tariff plan: no fees below UAH 30,00; 0.85% above that.

·       Elite+ tariff plan: no fees below UAH 50,000; 0.75% above that.


Monobank currently has no ATMs of its own, but that could soon change.

Cash withdrawals from ATMs of its partner, Universal Bank, are limited to 40 notes and UAH 20,000 per operation. Withdrawing own funds incurs a 0.5% fee, credit funds – 4%.

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