Ukraine’s MFA summons Turkish ambassador after Turkey releases a Russian ship carrying stolen Ukrainian grain

7 July, 07:51 PM
The ship with the stolen Ukrainian grain was released (Photo:REUTERS/Yoruk Isik)

The ship with the stolen Ukrainian grain was released (Photo:REUTERS/Yoruk Isik)

Ignoring the appeal of the Ukrainian side, the Russian ship with stolen Ukrainian grain, which was previously detained in the port of Karasu in Turkey, was released on July 6, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported on its website.

The situation around the Russian vessel Zhibek Zholy, which tried to transport stolen grain from occupied Berdyansk to the Turkish port of Karasu, was an outrageous one.

"Thanks to the prompt intervention of the Ukrainian, this vessel was unable to unload the stolen goods and was detained. A request was sent to the Turkish side to seize the vessel and cargo," the Foreign Ministry said.

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However, the agency noted that Turkish authorities ignored the appeal of the Ukrainian side, and released the cargo ship in the evening on July 6.

Ukrainians are deeply disappointed by Turkish decision to ignore their appeal and demand to open a criminal probe into the case and provide a comprehensive answer on how this had happened. Ukrainian authorities also urged to prevent similar situations in the future by all means.

"In connection with the unacceptable situation, the ambassador of Turkey in Kyiv has been summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine," the message reads.

Ukraine has asked Turkey to take urgent measures due to the arrival on July 1 of the Zhibek Zholy ship with stolen Ukrainian grain taken from captured Berdyansk to the port of Karasu.

As Reuters reports, a representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that about 4,500 tons of grain belonging to Ukraine were loaded on board the ship Zhibek Zholy. According to the outlet, on June 30, the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine asked Turkey to conduct an inspection of the vessel, to seize the grain for examination andto request information about the whereabouts of the grain. In the letter of the OPG, it is stated that the Russians illegally took out 7,000 tons of cargo from Berdyansk.

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