NV holds top position in terms of trust among business owners and top managers

31 January, 04:06 PM
The number of top managers who read foreign media increased to 79.4% (Photo:Roman Kraft \ Unsplash)

The number of top managers who read foreign media increased to 79.4% (Photo:Roman Kraft \ Unsplash)

For the second year in a row, NV has taken first place in terms of trust as a news source among business owners and top managers.

Following the full-scale invasion by Russia, NV ranked first among the most trusted media by businessmen with a score of 52.9%, according to the results of the PointeR Agency’s poll.

Liga.net took second place (44.1%), and Forbes and Ukrainska Pravda shared third place — (35.3%). Next comes BBC Ukraine (29.4%), and fifth place was shared by LB.ua and Ekonomichna Pravda (20.6%).

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However, in January-February 2022, the survey results were slightly different.

In particular, the NV website was also at the top of the rating, but with a result of 59.4%. Liga.net was in second place with a result of 56.3%, and Ukrainska Pravda, which was trusted by 50% of respondents before the full-scale war, was in third place. It was followed by BBC Ukraine (34.4%), with Forbes taking fifth place (28.1%).

Furthermore, the number of top managers who pay attention to foreign media increased from 50% to 79.4% over the past year. Among the most popular ones are BBC, CNN and the Economist.

Meanwhile, fewer respondents began to consume information directly from news sites — 55.9% versus 75%.

After Feb. 24, 2022, for the majority of surveyed business owners and top managers in Ukraine, the primary source of news information has become the Telegram messenger. Before the outbreak of the Russian aggression, Facebook was number one.

The number of respondents who read news in Telegram channels in January-February 2022 was 59.45%, however in November-December 2022, their number increased to 79.4%.

The percentage of businessmen who used Facebook as their main source of information was 78.1% before, and now it has somewhat decreased to 73.5%.

Meanwhile, the number of top managers and businessmen who consume information from Twitter increased from 3.1% to 35.3%.

Earlier it was reported that NV was voted the best Ukrainian medium about the economy and business in 2022 by the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs.

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