Sandora juices return to Ukrainian stores despite damage to factory in Mykolayiv

22 December 2022, 03:38 PM
Sandora juices return to Ukrainian stores (Photo:Артем Ільїн / НВ Бізнес)

Sandora juices return to Ukrainian stores (Photo:Артем Ільїн / НВ Бізнес)

Ukrainian stores have resumed the sales of Sandora juices, which the PepsiCo company produced at its factory in the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolayiv before Russia’s full-scale invasion, Alina Matkivska, the head of Corporate Communications at PepsiCo Ukraine, told NV Business on Dec. 22.

“Currently, Sandora orange, apple, banana, multi-fruit juices and nectars are temporarily produced in Romania,” she said.

However, NV Business notes that apple juice is produced in Poland, not Romania.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an official in Mykolayiv Oblast told NV Business that the production facilities of LLC Sandora had suffered significant damage during the shelling of the city by Russian invaders.

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“Two company’s factories, which are located in Mykolayiv Oblast and produced juices, drinks and snacks before the war, are still not working due to the need for restoration work and high safety risks for employees,” Matkivska said.

Due to this, the company has refocused on supplying the company’s products from neighboring countries, ensuring the presence of a wide assortment on store shelves.

“At the same time, we’re working on resuming the production of our juice products in Ukraine in the near future,” she said.

Matkivska reiterated that PepsiCo Ukraine had suspended the work of its production facilities at the beginning of the full-scale invasion to protect the company’s employees.

“In April, we resumed the production of dairy products and baby food at the factory in Kyiv Oblast, which, among other things, provides employment to Ukrainian farmers – 44,000 tons of milk were processed this year there,” Matkivska said.

The company also provided humanitarian aid, she said.

“In particular, we helped the residents of Mykolayiv to overcome the crisis related to the lack of drinking water, namely we transferred about 4 million liters of water for free and installed a powerful water purification system at the Mykolayiv Regional Oncology Center, we helped with the supply of necessary medical equipment to local hospitals,” Matkivska stressed.

Since the beginning of the year, the company has donated 1,300 tons of products to charity, 80% of which are dairy products and baby food, she added.

PepsiCo is one of the largest producers of food and beverages in Ukraine.

The company takes leading positions in the juice and juice products market, represented by the Sandora and Sadochok brands. The company’s portfolio also includes the Pepsi, 7UP, and Mirinda carbonated drinks, Lipton Iced Tea, and the Aqua Minerale mineral water. On the snack market, the company is represented by the Lay’s, Khrusteam and Cheetos brands.

PepsiCo Ukraine also produces dairy products under the Chudo, Slovianochka, Mariyka (formerly Mashenka) brands, as well as the Ahunia (formerly Ahusha) baby food.

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