PepsiCo plant resumes operation in Mykolayiv Oblast

27 February, 09:57 PM
Sandora Juices (Photo:Артем Ільїн / НВ Бізнес)

Sandora Juices (Photo:Артем Ільїн / НВ Бізнес)

PepsiCo’s subsidiary Sandora has reopened its plant in Mykolaiv Oblast, with another major prouder of tomatoes resuming work in the region as well, regional governor Vitalii Kim told Ukrainian TV channel Ternopil 1 on Feb. 27.

“Two large enterprises have already begun work,” said Kim.

“One of them is PepsiCo, which is fixing its plant, the other one is the world leader in the export of tomatoes. So, the business isn’t scared either – it works and recovers, even though we would like it to happen faster”

Kim didn’t specify the name of the tomato business, but news agency Interfax-Ukraine notes that before the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Agrofusion was the largest producer of tomatoes and tomato paste in the region.

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Kim added that the business’s recovery in the region is hampered by large quantities of landmines left by withdrawing Russian forces.

“As for Mykolaiv Oblast, 270 thousand hectares, which is 10% of the region's area – needs to be cleared of mines or surveyed,” the governor said.

“Because of this, businesses have a hard time planning anything. Parts of businesses have been destroyed, parts relocated, and for businesses to recover – time and necessary conditions are required, including favorable lending (by banks).”

In Ukraine, PepsiCo owns five enterprises: a fruit and vegetables processing plant for production of juices, a plant for the production of juices, carbonated drinks, and iced tea (all in Mykolaiv Oblast), Kharkiv Dairy Plant, and Kyiv Dairy Plant.

On Feb. 14, local news outlet NikVesti reported that three Agrofusion plants in Mykolaiv Oblast have been damaged since during the war.

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