SBU searches oligarch Kolomoisky's residence over misappropriation of $1 billion

1 February, 03:17 PM
Kolomoisky's residence is being searched (Photo:Ukrainska Pravda)

Kolomoisky's residence is being searched (Photo:Ukrainska Pravda)

Ukraine’s SBU security service and the Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine have raided the house of oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky in connection with an alleged case of fraud at oil companies Ukrtatnafta and Ukrnafta worth $1 billion.

NV’s sister outlet Ukrainska Pravda reported on Feb. 1, citing its sources in law enforcement that a search of the residence of Kolomoisky, the former owner of PrivatBank, Ukraine’s biggest bank, now state-owned, was underway.

Unofficially, one of the law enforcement agencies confirmed to NV Business that the ESBU was indeed conducting investigative actions against Ihor Kolomoisky.

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According to Ukrainska Pravda, the case concerns the alleged embezzlement of oil products worth UAH 40 billion ($1.09 billion) and customs duty evasion "of astronomical amounts."

Searches at Kolomoisky's residence (Фото: Ukrainska Pravda)
Searches at Kolomoisky's residence / Photo: Ukrainska Pravda

Ukrnafta and Ukrtatnafta, along with a number of other strategic enterprises, were nationalized on Nov. 7, 2022.

Kolomoiskyi is being searched by the SBU and ESB (Фото: Ukrainska Pravda)
Kolomoiskyi is being searched by the SBU and ESB / Photo: Ukrainska Pravda

The decision to nationalize the companies was carried out on the basis of an order issued by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy according to martial law.

The shares of the companies were placed at the disposal of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for the period of martial law.

On Nov. 11, Serhiy Koretskyi was appointed CEO of Ukranafta.

Prior to that, the company's operational management was carried out by the so-called Privat business group associated with Kolomoisky.

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