Turkey blocks transit of sanctioned goods to Russia

9 March, 09:01 PM
Turkey blocks transit of sanctioned goods to Russia (Photo:Reuters)

Turkey blocks transit of sanctioned goods to Russia (Photo:Reuters)

Russian logistics companies claim that Turkey has started blocking transit of sanctioned goods to Russia, Russian business news outlet Kommersant FM reported on March 9.

“Starting yesterday, we began to receive notifications from agents that previously approved flight bookings are being canceled,” one of the sources told Kommersant.

“They said that (certain) cargo bound for Russia can no longer transit through Turkey.”

According to a representative of another logistics company, Turkish authorities didn’t publish official orders or resolutions that reflect this change in policy, since that would make it plain that previously sanctioned goods were reaching Russia via Turkey unimpeded.

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Other sources suggested this development is connected with the recent visit of U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Turkey.

On Feb. 3, WSJ reported Turkey sells U.S.-made dual-use goods to Russia, which are used by the Russian military in the war against Ukraine.

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