Ukraine expects to sow 70% of its crops this year

11 April, 01:28 PM
Ukraine plans to sow 70% of sown areas (Photo:Maxym Kozytsky / Telegram)

Ukraine plans to sow 70% of sown areas (Photo:Maxym Kozytsky / Telegram)

Deputy Agriculture Minister Taras Vysotskiy has announced that even by “conservative estimates,” Ukraine will manage to sow 70% of its nominal crops, Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform reported on April 10.

“Conservative estimates suggest (we’ll be) able to use 70% (of our sowing lands),” said Vysotskiy.

“If large plots of arable land in Chernihiv and Sumy regions will be mine-swept in the coming weeks, we perhaps could get to 80%.”

Vysotskiy added that considering this reduction in potential output this year, Ukraine will easily cover its produce needs, and might be able to sell some surplus:

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“Upon a closer look, 30-40% of the planned 70% will cover our consumption, and the rest would be available for export.”

Earlier, the ministry said that the ongoing war has already deprive Ukraine of $1.5 billion in revenues from grain exports, due to inability to make shipments from major Black Sea ports of Odesa and Mykolaiv, that remain blockaded by Russia.

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