Ukraine resumes electricity exports

8 April, 02:00 AM
Ukraine resumes electricity exports (Photo:NPC Ukrenergo / Facebook)

Ukraine resumes electricity exports (Photo:NPC Ukrenergo / Facebook)

After Russia’s air strike campaign failed to collapse Ukraine’s power grid over the winter, Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko has signed off on resuming electricity exports to Europe whenever there is a surplus of generation capacity, the ministry said in a Telegram post on April 7.

Halushchenko noted that thanks to the work of engineers and the help of Western partners, Ukrainian energy system has been operating without restrictions for consumers for almost two months.

“The most difficult winter has passed,” Halushchenko noted.

“The next step is to open the electricity export, which will attract additional financial resources for the necessary restoration of the destroyed (facilities) and repairs on damaged energy infrastructure.”

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The European network of transmission system operators, ENTSO-E, allocates 400 MW of export capacity to Ukraine. However, actual volumes may fluctuate depending on consumption patterns and market conditions.

The minister emphasized that meeting the needs of Ukrainian consumers remains a priority.

“That’s why the electricity export will work while (still) providing Ukrainian consumers with electricity – it can be suspended if the situation changes,” said Halushchenko.

Ukraine used to export electricity to Moldova and EU countries from June to October 2022, before Russia began launching regular mass cruise missile barrages targeting Ukrainian power generation and transmission facilities. For the next five months, households and businesses across the country were forced to adapt to only intermittent power supply, as technicians and air defense forces worked to mitigate the devastating effects of enemy missile strikes.

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