Ukraine to export 3 million tons of crops every month through unblocked ports

23 July, 02:52 PM
Russian occupiers are blocking the export of Ukrainian grain (Photo:REUTERS/Ігор Ткаченко)

Russian occupiers are blocking the export of Ukrainian grain (Photo:REUTERS/Ігор Ткаченко)

Three Ukrainian Black Sea ports will be able to export about 3 million tons of agricultural products every month, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yuriy Vaskov said in a comment to Ukrainian business news outlet Economic Pravda on July 22.

The grain will be transported to the same countries to which it was exported before the start of the full-scale invasion

“We will launch it gradually, after a few weeks from the start of work, we can estimate the volume more accurately,” the deputy minister said. 

“But we see that 3 million tons and more is possible.” 

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According to 2021 data, the largest importers of Ukrainian grain were China, Egypt, Turkey and Indonesia. 

Ukraine signed an agreement with Turkey and the UN on unblocking the export of Ukrainian grain through Black Sea ports on July 22. Russia struck a mirror deal with Turkey and the UN. 

The agreement concerns exports from the Ukrainian ports of Odesa, Chornomorsk and Pivdennyi. Control over the ports will remain with the Ukrainian side. No other ships, except those that will ensure the export of grain and related products, will be able to enter the ports. 

Inspection teams from all parties will be established in Turkey to examine cargo and personnel. Inspections will be carried out exclusively in the harbors, at the entrance and exit from the Turkish Straits. 

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has noted that the movement of ships to Ukrainian ports will be able to resume in the coming days.

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