Ukrainian businesses hindered by chaos at customs

13 April, 06:02 PM
Ukrainian business faced problems at customs during the war (

Ukrainian business faced problems at customs during the war (

The private sector urgently needs a centralized system that clarifies and communicates the constant changes and updates in how Ukrainian customs work, the European Business Association (EBA) said in an open letter on April 13.

“The head office of the State Customs Service resumed normal operations only on April 11; the biggest current issue for business is the absence of centralized official announcements about new customs rules and regulations,” the message reads.

“Unfortunately, local customs offices interpret new regulations in their own ways, demanding different paperwork, leading to confusion on the part of companies as to how properly deal with customs.”

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Another sore spot appears to be the list of critically important imports, which was last updated on March 28. Current restrictions are practically paralyzing international trade for Ukrainian companies, the EBA said.

“We hope that the time has come to relax these restrictions somewhat,” the association said.

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