Ukrainian employers to be fined for putting gender and age requirements in vacancy ads

8 January 2022, 11:40 AM

Employers will be fined for indicating a desired gender, age, race, skin color, and so on in a vacancy posted in Ukraine starting Jan. 8, according to an amendment to the Law of Ukraine On Advertising, created to combat gender discrimination.

Discrimination in vacancy listings has been illegal in Ukraine since 1996. Employers are also forbidden to discriminate on the basis of social origin, property status, or place of residence.

Now, for failing to comply with this law, employers may face a fine of ten times the minimum wage, which is UAH 65,000 ­or approximately $2,365.

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The fine will be imposed by the State Labor Service of Ukraine.

If discrimination in a listing is established, employers will have to pay the fine within 15 calendar days of receiving notification from the State Labor Service of Ukraine. If the fine is not paid, it may be recovered via the courts.

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