Ukrainians buying more UA-made products during war, including flags, magnets, and Tarot cards

1 April, 03:35 PM
The Rozetka delivery point has been restored in Irpin (Photo:Прес-служба Rozetka)

The Rozetka delivery point has been restored in Irpin (Photo:Прес-служба Rozetka)

After a year of full-scale war, Ukrainian souvenir producers are seeing a windfall with fridge magnets seeing a 140-fold increase in demand. Other products that have seen a spike in interest include camping stoves and envelopes, which saw 18-fold and 12-fold increases, says online retailer Rozetka. 

Ukrainians also purchased more tactical medical equipment, (6.3 times more), Ukrainian flags (4 times more), and postcards (4.5 times more).

Demand for electric heaters, canned food, beverages, toilet paper, dehydrated foods, and moisture absorbers increased almost twofold.

Unusual products, such as Tarot cards, saw a 2.4-fold increase in demand compared to pre-war sales.

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“Now Ukrainians are supporting domestic producers (…) much more actively in certain categories than before the full-scale Russian invasion,” Yevhen Obrazok, Marketing Director at Rozetka said.

“This can be explained by the fact that many Ukrainian companies regularly hold sales and promotions, the proceeds of which are transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the population affected by the hostilities. Another reason for the popularity of Ukrainian products is their moderate cost compared to foreign equivalents: for example, Ukrainian laundry detergents and quiet wine are 40% cheaper than imports.”

Rozetka has been researching how Ukrainian shopping habits have changed during the year of war.

“Ukrainians have started to value their own more, and this not only strengthens the patriotic spirit, but also strengthens the Ukrainian economy,” Obrazok concluded.

As reported, Rozetka has started operating in Poland.

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