UN recognizes Ukraine’s speedy digital migration to the cloud that helped to save industries during war

28 September 2022, 08:12 PM
Ukrainian intelligence officers show up their new Starlink terminal (Photo:Defence of Ukraine via Facebook)

Ukrainian intelligence officers show up their new Starlink terminal (Photo:Defence of Ukraine via Facebook)

Ukraine took 46th place among the most digitalized governments in the world, making it into a group of 73 countries with the highest e-government index, reads the UN 2022 E-Government Survey published on Sept. 28.

Overall, 193 United Nations members were evaluated.  European Union countries leading the digitalization ranking, while most African countries are dragged behind.

Denmark has become the leader in the ranking with the best e-government services of all.

Digitalization has been one of the most successful reforms in Ukraine in recent years. Ukraine’s e-banking and electronic document services Prozorro and Dia have been praised in Ukraine and abroad.

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UN acknowledged the Ukrainian e-government services' resilience to wartime challenges.

“Shortly after Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine, the Ukrainian government has successfully sustained its civil service provision by acting quickly to disburse its digital infrastructure into the public cloud, where it has been hosted in data centers across Europe,” the report reads.

According to the UN, Ukraine’s government's goal was to avoid accidental or intended destruction and access by a foreign power. By successfully moving all key services and data, previously stored on servers inside the country, to the cloud, authorities managed to retain access and control over functions that are vital for the nation at war.

“Normally, it would take months to transfer large workloads, but with these devices, without the need for internet, transfers occurred in days,” the report reads.

Not only government institutions, but also universities, banks, and television broadcasters, have also migrated to the cloud and by that managed to provide continuity of services even during active shelling.

Cloud services and also satellite internet provided by Starlink let Ukraine stay online during the toughest days of the war.

The banking system kept working even in the occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia Oblast. Ukrainian trains kept running on schedule under heavy shelling.  Ukrainian military could keep the vital connections and get intelligence and satellite data.

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