Where to refuel a car in Kyiv, map of gas stations and useful services

6 June, 06:36 PM
There are fewer queues for petrol in Kyiv (Photo:instagram.com/okkoua)

There are fewer queues for petrol in Kyiv (Photo:instagram.com/okkoua)

The situation with fuel at gas stations has begun to improve in Kyiv, and at some gas stations you can now buy fuel without having to queue.

And the CEO of Consulting Group A-95, Serhiy Kuyun, believes that the situation with fuel is definitely improving in the capital.

“The KLO chain has actively joined OKKO and WOG, and AMIC is operating as well,” Kuyun told NV. “(Liquified) gas and diesel can already be found without queues, but you need to look for petrol and then you have to wait in a queue. But there are no queues for petrol (selling) at UAH 69 per 1 liter (Has the maximum been reached?).”

Видео дня

A map with all Kyiv gas stations operating during Russia’s fill-scale invasion has been created by the Kyiv City State Administration, but there is no information on fuel availability.

But thanks to special applications, chats and telegram bots, you can now search for fuel and monitor the queues near gas stations in Kyiv from your smartphone. Here are some of the services:


This bot monitors the availability of fuel at the gas stations of the most common chains in Ukraine and informs subscribers of the name of the gas station, address and type of fuel available. The bot currently processes data from open sources of such networks as WOG, OKKO, ANP and SOCAR, but its creator soon plans to add new chains.

How to use the bot:

subscribe to PetrolAlertUA in Telegram;

indicate the region in which you are located, as well as the district and city;

select the type of fuel you want to be notified about: petrol, diesel or gas (several options may be selected).

LUN City Map

The map shows gas stations and details of their work schedule, available types of fuel, restrictions and methods of payment. Fuel prices are also indicated. LUN City Map monitors the following gas station chains: Okko, Wog, Socar, UPG, KLO, Avias, ANP, Ukrnafta, Shell, Avantage 7, Rodnik, and Chipo. Here it is easy to sort the search parameters by the name of chain, and users can themselves report the availability of fuel at gas stations.

DePalne application

The application monitors the availability of fuel in the following chains: Okko,Wog, Socar, UPG, KLO, Avias, ANP, Ukrnafta, Shell, BRSM, BARS, Chipo, as well as individual gas stations. Information can be sorted by the following parameters: fuel type and payment methods. You can download DePalne by following the link.

Telegram chats and channels

Fuel Kyiv is a telegram channel with more than 50,000 subscribers. The channel reports on queues at a particular gas station, the speed of its progress, the type of fuel available, its cost and methods of payment.

Open Gas Stations Chat - here everyone can share information about a specific gas station, participants can ask questions and update data.

Kyiv Fuel Banderokanal – all information in the channel is divided by tags: city districts, fuel type, name of the gas station. It also reports on the status of the queue and the cost of fuel, provides a direct link to the location of the gas station in Google Maps.

Apps and websites of individual gas station chains:

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