Zelensky predicts foreign currency shortage, rising prices, and poverty for Russians

12 March 2022, 05:15 PM

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky predicted a return for Russians to the 90s as a result of the sanctions imposed against Russia, due to its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, in an video address on March 12.

In the address, Zelensky notes that not a single country wished harm to ordinary citizens of Russia until their government went to war with its neighbors, “a war of annihilation.”

“No one wanted to bring ordinary life of Russia back to the 90s. After all, you call them ‘wild 90s.’ These were times of upheaval and poverty, times of limited opportunities and great inequality,” he recalled.

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Zelensky added that due to the efforts of Russian propagandists, most Russians do not yet know what awaits them.

He also predicted a foreign currency shortage, volatile exchange rates, and rising prices.

“The less dollars Russian business earns and the less taxes Russia receives, the less opportunity the Russian military will have to kill our people,” Zelensky pointed out.

“Leading international companies are already leaving the Russian market. The next step is a U.S. ban on bringing dollars into Russia at all. Therefore, there will be a foreign currency shortage. Consequently, the (exchange) rate will be even more volatile and prices will rise. Every citizen of Russia will feel that the absence of peace is a threat to him personally.”

On March 11, U.S. President Joe Biden announced new sanctions against Russia, including a cessation of dollar bill supplies to Russia.

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