As new academic year begins, photos show bomb shelter in Kyiv school

1 September, 04:05 PM
A bomb shelter in the basement of a Kyiv school (Photo:@adaazagorodnya/Instagram)

A bomb shelter in the basement of a Kyiv school (Photo:@adaazagorodnya/Instagram)

Photos from one of Kyiv schools recently emerged showing the school’s bomb shelter, which has been converted into a classroom so that students can continue studying even during air raid alerts.

Sep. 1 marks the beginning of a new academic year across Ukraine. This year, because of the full-scale war and invasion, many students will study remotely. However, many parents still opted for their kids to attend classes in person.

According to Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, 138,000 students in the capital will be attending schools, with the rest either getting homeschooled or doing their studies remotely. The municipal government spent the summer preparing city schools for education in wartime: refurbishing the bomb shelters and cellars where teachers and children will take cover during air raid alerts.

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Photos from one such shelter/classroom emerged online recently, depicting rows of desks, a supply of drinking water, and a chalkboard installed in the basement of one of Kyiv schools.

“While Russia continues to attack our cities, Ukraine is preparing for the new academic year,” Kyiv citizen Adaa Zagorodnya commented on the photos of the school bomb shelter she posted on Instagram.

“This is bomb shelter in the cellar of one of Kyiv schools, where kids will study, come Sep. 1.”

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