Elton John admires courage of Ukrainians and donates $125,000 for Ukraine

24 February, 04:38 PM
Elton John expressed support for Ukrainians (Photo:eltonjohn/Instagram)

Elton John expressed support for Ukrainians (Photo:eltonjohn/Instagram)

British musician Elton John has praised the courage and resistance of Ukrainians, and handed over another donation worth of $125,000 for Ukraine to the United24 presidential fundraising platform, UK newspaper the Guardian wrote on Feb. 23.

"It’s been one year since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine and unleashed horrific destruction against the Ukrainian people,” John said.

“Since Feb. 24, 2022, more than 18,000 civilians have lost their lives and as many as 8 million Ukrainians have been forced to flee the country.”

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“The Ukrainian people have responded to this appalling assault with incredible courage and resilience, and millions of people around the world have shown generosity and compassion to mitigate this tragedy.”

The funds will be used to purchase 10 biochemical blood analyzers for the treatment of patients with HIV. John noted that he made a promise to support Ukrainians back in 2007 while performing in Kyiv.

"For me, I go back to the promise I made on that spring night: that I, and my foundation, would always do everything we could to fight Aids in Ukraine,” John said.

“Among so many competing needs, and buried behind much damage and loss, are an estimated 250,000 Ukrainians living with HIV, and more than 600,000 people in communities that are thought to be at risk.”

"As my life of touring comes to an end this summer, I do not know when, if ever, I will stand on a stage in Ukraine again, as I did on that beautiful night in 2007. But my promise still stands – I will do everything I can, wherever I can, to fight for the agency and health of people at risk of HIV, all in the hope that one day we will end AIDS everywhere, for everyone, for good.”

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