Annie Leibovitz encourages social media campaign in support of First Lady Zelenska

1 August, 06:34 PM
Famed photographer published the hashtag #SitLikeAGirl on a black background (Photo:@annieleibovitz / Instagram)

Famed photographer published the hashtag #SitLikeAGirl on a black background (Photo:@annieleibovitz / Instagram)

Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, who photographed the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, for a widely discussed U.S. Vogue magazine cover, has encouraged women to continue the #SitLikeAGirl flash mob, in an Instagram story on Aug. 1.

Leibovitz, who came to Kyiv for a photo shoot of Olena and Volodymyr Zelenskyy, shared a post by the Kyiv Post about the flash mob in her post.

"Vogue’s recent photoshoot of Ukraine’s First Lady, Olena Zelenska, has stirred up the Ukrainian society, part of which believes that Annie Leibovitz's attempt to draw attention to Russia’s war on Ukraine was ill-conceived,” the post reads, quoting KP.

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“According to them, Zelenska does not look good in the photos as her pose appears to be too manly. In response, a Ukrainian journalist Zoya Zvinyatskovskaya launched a flash mob dubbed #SitLikeAGirl, where Ukrainian women, including policewomen, activists, journalists, and many more, emulate Zelenska's pose."

In the next story, Leibovitz published the hashtag #SitLikeAGirl on a black background, and then invited her followers to also join in and publish their own photos.

“It's been less than three days since I started the #sitlakeagirl flash mob and Annie Leibovitz has already talked about it on her Instagram, posted about it, and even improved the hashtag with capital letters – thank you very much," Zvinyatskovskaya responded on Facebook.

I think we achieved our goal pretty quickly, thanks to all of you. Thou-sands of women in Ukraine and abroad, Ukrposhta, Silpo, Patrol Police of Ukraine, etc. joined the flash mob. Now, everyone who needs to know about the flash mob through Leibovitz's Instagram is sure to know, and this was my goal – to inform the West that in difficult times of war, society supports the First Lady, who spends her unique opportunities to relentlessly and persistently ask Western partners for weapons.”

Vogue’s cover and interview of Olena Zelenska was released in a digital format a few days prior, and the print version will be available in October.

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