Famous French actor Pierre Richard condemns Russia’s war on Ukraine

17 April, 01:25 PM
Pierre Richard condemned the war in Ukraine (Photo:@pierrerichardofficiel/Instagram)

Pierre Richard condemned the war in Ukraine (Photo:@pierrerichardofficiel/Instagram)

Famous French actor and director Pierre Richard condemned the “barbaric” war of Russian aggression in Ukraine in a video address to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin published by Ukraine’s Interior Minister Anton Heraschenko on April 15.

The 87-year-old actor’s best-known films are very popular in both Russia and Ukraine. Richard expressed his admiration of Ukrainian defenders, extolling their “courage, resistance, and resolve.”

Richard, who lived through WWII as a child, said he hopes for a swift end to the “disgusting” war.

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“Mr. president (Putin), I know Russia well, I love its people; I know Ukraine well and I also know and love its people, too; I’m being torn apart by the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine – ‘invasion’ is putting it mildly,” the actor said in the video.

“This invasion, that morphed into mass murder, even barbarism, has nothing, I think, that could justify killing women, children, and civilians – it’s ghastly.”

“Every night I watch the news with photos (from Ukraine), we all see (them), and I am more than overwhelmed with emotion; I’d like to say, minister (Heraschenko), that I think a lot about your people and your president (Zelensky), I value their courage, their spirit of resistance, their selflessness – I value all those (things) highly, I admire them …”

“I’m not losing hope that it will all end soon, because going on with it is simply disgusting.”

This is not the first time Richard has spoken out against the war – the actor condemned the Russian invasion on March 1.

“Did we not learn anything from (our) past? Did we not endure the calamity of WWII? … Everyone must do everything they can to promote peace, fraternity, and a return to reason,” Richard said then.

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