FSB tries to scam Russian army out of RUB 3 million for drone soldiers downed by mistake

5 April, 04:42 PM
The occupiers did not rejoice for long (Photo:defence-ua.com)

The occupiers did not rejoice for long (Photo:defence-ua.com)

It had seemed like a good day for the Russian army commander, but it all turned sour in minutes.

Russian forces thought they had downed  a Ukrainian spy drone in Russia's Belgorod Oblast near the Ukrainian border, but it soon turned out the drone belonged to Russia’s FSB security service, local Telegram channel Belgorod Informant reported.

The incident happened on March 30, Belgorod Informant said.

Video of day

Photo: t.me/belgorod_informant

"A patrol spotted an unknown object in the sky, and the commander decided to shoot it down, which was successfully accomplished,” the report said.

“However, a few minutes later, the real owners of the UAV, the Russian Federal Security Service in Belgorod Oblast, showed up at the scene. They stated that the downed drone was a high-tech and expensive device," the report said.

Adding injury to insult, the FSB is now demanding that the Russian army pay compensation of RUB 3 million (over $37,500) for its drone.

And adding more insult to the previous injury, it turns out the FSB is trying to bilk the army out of at least RUR 1 million – the "high-tech" UAV is in fact a Chinese commercial drone, a Raefly VT260.

It costs from RUB 800,000 to RUR 2 million ($10,000-25,000).

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