Gamers criticize Russian shooter Atomic Heart for promoting Russian aggression against Ukraine

19 January, 04:21 PM
The new Russian game caused a negative reaction from gamers (Photo:Mundfish)

The new Russian game caused a negative reaction from gamers (Photo:Mundfish)

A new video game created with funds from Russian sanctioned organizations is set for release in February 2023. But gamers have already complained it popularizes Russian aggression against Ukraine and promotes nostalgia for the Soviet Union.

The game will be released on Feb. 21. Its author is the Mundfish studio, formally registered in Cyprus. However, only a few years ago the studio was considered Russian and had an office in Moscow.

Despite numerous calls from both Ukraine supporters and those who support Russian aggression, the Mundfish team has not commented on the Russian attack for the past 11 months. Eventually, they posted a note on Twitter with a blurred content, in which there is no condemnation of the actions of the Russian Federation:

Video of day

“Guys, we have noted the questions surrounding where we, at Mundfish, stand. We want to assure you that Mundfish is a developer and studio with a global team focused on an innovative game and is undeniably a pro-peace organization against violence against people.”

It is known that the studio plans to release Atomic Heart on the VK Play platform, the president of which is Vladimir Kiriyenko, the son of Sergey Kiriyenko – Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s Deputy Chief-of-Staff, and a member of the State Council of the Russian Federation.

Kiriyenko openly supports the war against Ukraine and says he believes that Russia was attacked by NATO.

In addition, the official, who is under U.S. sanctions, is considered the handler of relations between the Russian Federation and the self-proclaimed republics of the DNR and LNR – two sham republics Moscow set up in 2014 when Russian invaded part of Ukraine’s Donbas region.

Investors in Atomic Heart are Gaijin Entertainment and GEM Capital. The first, according to The Gamer, also sponsors an anti-Ukrainian channel on YouTube that promotes the Russian army.

GEM Capital, as Twitter users managed to find out, belongs to a former employee of Russian state gas company Gazprom, Anatoly Paliy. This company is also associated with sanctioned banks and organizations.

As for the Atomic Heart game itself, it has already been called propaganda for the Soviet communist system. The action of the shooter takes place in a Soviet Union of the future. According to the authors’ plan, this country did not disintegrate and successfully mastered many modern technologies. The main character, agent Sergey Nechaev, has to fight against robots, who have risen up against their masters.

The soundtrack for the game was recorded by Nikolai Baskov, who has distinguished himself by actively supporting Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The idea and implementation of the game have already been criticized by many gamers. In addition to Ukrainians, Polish game fans also expressed indignation, emphasizing the inappropriate popularization of the Soviet Union.

In the gaming community, there are increasingly calls to boycott the game, even before its release.

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