Historian dispells Putin’s myths about the founding of Ukraine

21 January, 12:25 AM
Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo:Alexey Vitvitsky/Pool via REUTERS)

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo:Alexey Vitvitsky/Pool via REUTERS)

Ukrainian historian Jaroslav Faizulin refuted a fictitious Russian narrative – promoted by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself – that Ukraine was “created” by the Bolsheviks, during an NV.Radio podcast on Jan. 19.

In late 2021, Putin said that Ukraine was “created” by USSR founder Vladimir Lenin, who, in Putin’s words, used historical Russian lands to create a country that had never existed before.

There’s just one problem – that narrative is entirely fictional.

“Claiming that Lenin created Ukraine makes about as much sense as saying that Putin created Russia. Unequivocally wrong,” noted Faizulin.

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The historian said that far from spinning Ukraine out of thin air, Lenin had ordered the Bolshevik Red Army to invade and occupy the country. Soviet Ukraine was, in some sense, an occupation regime, the historian said.

In conducting its aggressive foreign policy, modern-day Russia is manipulating history, Faizulin said. Far from being experts on history, Russia’s leadership cherry-picks isolated events, trying to justify Kremlin imperialism, he said.

Did Ukrainians resist Bolshevik occupation?

“After conquering Ukraine, the Bolsheviks were up against the tremendous resistance put up by the local population: between 1918 and 1923, Ukraine was essentially in a state of constant rebellion,” Faizulin said.

Eventually, Ukrainian resistance forced the Bolsheviks to change their approach to subjugating the country – they had no choice but to establish the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. The resistance and resilience of the Ukrainian people made Moscow’s initial plans, to simply occupy and annex Ukraine, impossible, according to the historian. 

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