Hollywood actor Johnny Depp's photo appears on Russian poster of ‘Soviet army heroes’ in Donbas

9 June, 05:35 PM
Soviet Army soldier Johny Depp (Photo:Courtesy)

Soviet Army soldier Johny Depp (Photo:Courtesy)

A photo of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has been spotted on a poster in the Russian-occupied part of Luhansk oblast, mislabeled as showing a hero of the Soviet army who fought in the oblast town of Alchevsk during the Second World War, the Dnipro Oblasnyi Telegram messenger channel reported on June 9.

Locals are sharing photos of the poster on social networks.

"When you don’t have your own heroes!" Dnipro Oblasnyi commented in a post.

On the left of the poster, netizens recognized another Hollywood actor, Ashton Kutcher – but his “Soviet hero” name was not given. The photo of Depp was named as Nikolai Andreevich Babanin.

Видео дня

Earlier, during a Victory Day concert on May 9, Russian propagandists showed photos of U.S. gangsters Bonnie and Clyde among the photos of Soviet residents separated by World War II.

Meanwhile, the so-called TikTok troops of Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov, a vassal of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, continue to fight in Ukraine with imaginary enemies.

Having won many "victories" in battles with empty houses, traffic lights and other urban infrastructure facilities, this time they decided to fight with nature itself – they were filmed shooting at bushes.

a video shows Kadyrov's mercenaries fighting with bushes

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