How satisfied are Ukrainians with their sex lives compared to people in other countries, and why?

14 February 2022, 11:30 PM

The following is an excerpt of a larger piece regarding how Ukrainians attitudes towards sex have shifted in the last ten years, published in NV Magazine.

 According to a survey by social research company Gradus, 64% of Ukrainians reported being satisfied with their sex lives.

In many countries, this rate is lower: in Sweden and Norway - only 44%, and in Denmark and Finland - 46% (Swedish Association for Sexuality Education study).

According to analytical platform Statista, among Italians, 54% were satisfied, and according to the calculations of the research company YouGov, among the British, only 48% were satisfied.

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But experts warn that Ukrainians have nothing to be proud of: a high percentage of being reporting being satisfied is a low bar to pass for sexual diversity. In Ukraine, people more often adjust to the average than, for example, the liberated French, says Marianna Tkalych, director of the research laboratory Rating Lab. The latter find each other easier as partners.

The French, the Dutch, the Germans, and even the British traditionally have had a better sex life.

“They survived the sexual revolution of the 1960s, and we used rubber product No. 2 (the official brand of Soviet-manufactured condoms) until the 1990s,” Tkalych complains.

“We are 30 years behind due to the moralization of sex.”

But compared to the United States, Tkalych says, Ukraine may be considered very liberated: with the exception of the business-focused megacities, Americans, especially in the southern states, are stubborn religious traditionalists. Therefore, contrary to global trends, the tradition of virginity before marriage is even undergoing a sort of revival (though teen pregnancy rates may tell a different tale.)

At the same time, as in the case of Ukraine, satisfaction with sex is incredibly high – 92% (according to a study by an American sex shop franchise, PinkCherry).

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