How to survive in a house without gas, water supply, electricity, cellular reception

7 September, 07:18 PM
Anna Shevchenko waters her flowers in the ruins of a house in Irpin (

Anna Shevchenko waters her flowers in the ruins of a house in Irpin (

During the war, you should be prepared to be deprived of your usual living conditions. But what do you need to know to survive in a house without basic utilities?

Nadiya Matveyeva’s Nadiyni Porady (Reliable advice) YouTube playlist offers simple but important rules that will help to maintain health, solve everyday issues, protect yourself and your family during the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. The TV presenter provides answers to questions that concern everyone: how to protect yourself from chemical weapons, what to do if you see a shell or other suspicious object on the street, how to escape from a fire during shelling and what you can cook with your own hands from a minimum amount of ingredients, how to protect your home from looters and much more.

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If there is no water supply

Stock up on disposable tableware to avoid wasting precious water on washing plates. If you need to wash, wet wipes, face tonic and hand sanitizer will help.

To retain water in the body, drink slightly salted water.

Do not hesitate to relieve yourself outside or use a potty. This way you will save about 10-15 liters of water in the cistern.

As a last resort, you can purify the water with activated carbon — put activated carbon in gauze fabric, dip it into the water and it becomes drinkable.

If there is no gas supply

For cooking, buy a gas pressure cooker or an alcohol burner now. Calculate the volume of gas and stock up on paraffin.

Don't have a pressure cooker and need to heat water? Put a pot on two refractory bricks, with a metal plate on them, and a couple of candles under it. Leave it for the whole night. In the morning, the water will be about 80 degrees. Someone must watch the candles so that there is no fire accident.

Make a fire outside. Prepare for it wooden furniture, coal, metal utensils for cooking, matches, lighters. Find a brazier, foil and foil dishware or make a hole in the ground. Keep an eye on the fire! Do not allow the fire to spread!

If there is no electricity and cellular reception

Unplug all electrical appliances from sockets. Be sure to buy a battery-powered radio to know the latest news! Charge your phone and power bank at every opportunity. Save the charge. Agree with your family to get in touch at a specific time, for example, at 9 a.m. and in the evening. Turnon your phone only at these times.

Try charging your phone with batteries. You need a charging connector, and three AA batteries connected in series.

If the network is lost, look for reception on the floors above the ground, or switch to another carrier. Ukraine now has national roaming and this transition can be made completely free of charge. Tariffs will remain the same.

How to connect to the network of another carrier:

Disable network auto-selection (on Android: Settings - Mobile network (or Connections) - Carrier. On iOS: Settings - Cellular data - Network selection.

Find and select an available network: Vodafone UA, UA-KYIVSTAR or LIFECELL.

If connection fails, try again or select another network.

Check the possibility of outgoing calls, text messages.

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