International Fencing Federation officials in China try to take banner about Ukrainian athletes killed by Russia — video

27 March, 07:10 PM
They tried to take the banner from the Ukrainian fencers (Photo:Скриншот відео)

They tried to take the banner from the Ukrainian fencers (Photo:Скриншот відео)

The International Fencing Federation (FIE) forcibly removed an “Angels of Sports” banner from Ukrainian epee fencers after the team tried to take a photo with it in the lobby of a competition hall during the World Cup in Nanjing, China. 

The National Fencing Federation of Ukraine (NFFU) published a video of the incident on Facebook on March 27.

After Ukrainian fencers were prevented from hanging the “Angels of Sports” banner during the event as an anti-Russia protest, they wanted to take a photo with the banner in the lobby for the Ukrainian federation. Chinese sports officials refused to allow them and attempted to take the banner.

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"Do you say that politics has no place in sport?” Ukrainian team epee fencer Daria Varfolomeeva wrote on Facebook, describing the event.

“Now let me ask you: how can you play sports when about 343 sports facilities have been destroyed and more than 250 athletes will never compete again? Russia is violating all Olympic values. The FIE is trying to hide the truth with threats and restrictions, trying to keep us silent, but how does this differ from the Russian political strategy?"

The International Fencing Federation decided on March 10 to lift the ban for Russian and Belarusian athletes and to allow them to compete at its international events.

The NFFU decided that Ukrainian fencers, coaches, and technical specialists will not participate in the same events in which athletes from the aggressor countries compete.

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