New Zealand volunteer fighter finds Ukrainian friend captured by Russians – video

15 March, 04:32 AM
Ukrainian fighter stayed in the basement for about two months (Photo:Collage NV)

Ukrainian fighter stayed in the basement for about two months (Photo:Collage NV)

Amid the horror of the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine, incredibly inspiring things sometimes happen.

A New Zealand volunteer fighting in ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine found his Ukrainian comrade while clearing a basement of a house previously held by Russian troops. The man was in Russian captivity for nearly two months.

The volunteer posted footage of the encounter on Instagram.

“We hit a Russian position a few days ago and after a quick battle and breach we started clearing the bunker and basement,” he wrote.

Video of day

"Ya Ukrayinets!’ (I'm Ukrainian) a voice said from the stairwell, I stopped the lads from tossing a grenade in and pushed some Ukrainians forward to interact with the voice.

According to the New Zealander, other soldiers were quite skeptical, fearing it could be a trap, but turns out it was a Ukrainian soldier in the basement and he recognized one of his saviors.

“Then his eyes met mine (and he yelled) ‘New Zealand! New Zealand!,” the volunteer said in his post.

“I looked down. I recognised him – it was my friend who I thought was killed by the Russians when they invaded his house.”

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